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Get Healthier. Fitter. Faster.

Just 2-3 Super Effective and Efficient Personal Training Sessions a Week.

Build Strength. Burn Fat.  Reverse Biological Age.  Reach Maximum Potential.

Why The Health Jet

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The Health Jet Approach

The Health Jet is a science and technologically based Wellness Lab that uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence Fitness Equipment and BioHacking Technology.  No Setbacks. No Limitations. No Frustrations.  Only Success.  With The Health Jet, it only takes 2-3 super fast sessions a week to see amazing results.

Rapid Strength

  • 94% More Efficient Than Weights

  • Add 2X Amount of Lean Muscle

  • Spend 72% Less Time Exercising

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Rapid Fat Burn

  • Most Efficient/Effective Cardio

  • Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Resistance

  • 10 Minute Ride has Same Benefits as 45 Minute Jog

Rapid Recovery

  • Dramatically Decrease Inflammation

  • Radically Reduce Pain

  • Obliterate Fat

Rapid Wellness

  • Increase Cellular Function through Connecting to the Earth's Energy

  • Increase Oxygen Uptake

  • Increase Nutrient Transportation

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Rapid Testing

  • Determine Biological Age and Life Expectancy

  • Assess Chronic Disease Risk

  • Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plans

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I get the benefit of two
hours of intense exercise in just 21 minutes of low
impact workout.

Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur and Speaker

The Health Jet Method

  • Uses Science/Research Based techniques to dramatically improve health and fitness without wasting your valuable time.

  • Artificial Intelligence bases exercise technology matches each session precisely to your ability and goals – mobility, weight loss, strength building, injury recovery.

  • Precisely tracks progress every step of the way.

  • Focuses on Recovery and Wellness as much as fitness in order to bring your success to unmatched heights.

  • Uses the latest in Metabolic testing to create individualized health, nutrition, and fitness plans.

  • Ensures success no matter the start point and no matter the end point

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