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Get incredibly fit in 15 minutes a week with our Artificial Intelligence Adaptive Resistance Fitness machines.

Better Resistance.  Better Results.

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About Artificial Intelligence Fitness

Our Artificial Intelligence Fitness machines  use patented, motorized resistance and computer software to create the breakthrough technological experience of Adaptive Resistance.  With AI and Adaptive Resistance, you get the perfect rep every time.


Adaptive Resistance was created using
scientifically-backed principles that
guarantee you receive the safest, most
effective, and most time efficient form of
resistance exercise in the world.  There truly is not comparison.

The Best Full Body Workout to...

Build Muscle, Lose Weight, and Get Healthy

With Artificial Intelligence Fitness and Adaptive Resistance, you are able to accomplish ALL of your health and fitness goals in just 15 minutes a week.  You will be healthier and fitter than ever and will never have to see the inside of a gym again!


No guesswork involved...

Quantify Your Growth

The ARX software brings resistance training into the 21st century, empowering users to track and quantify their progress like never before.  With each session you have a private trainer to take you through the workout and go over your workout results.


It’s never been easier to track your total force output, max force output (concentric and eccentric), time under tension, and other improvement metrics.


The days of wondering “Am I improving?” are long gone! Precise and consistent, the ARX software tracks your progress instantly and automatically.

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The ARX is gaining a lot of celebrity attention...

Who Uses Artificial Intelligence Fitness?

Whether you are a novice, fitness competitor, or professional athlete, the ARX has the ability to meet you where you are at and give you the greatest workout of your life.  

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