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The Most Important Predictor of Longevity

If you wanted to know how long you were currently expected to live, which factors would you consider?   Cholesterol?  Diabetes?  High Blood Pressure?  Diet?  Genetics?  While these factors can provide useful insight, according to the American Heart Association, Cardio-Respiratory Fitness is a stronger predictor of not just longevity but also of quality of life.  While doctors have known about the importance of assessing cardio-respiratory fitness for quite some time, before now such an assessment was not easy to obtain.  At The Health Jet, we are proud to be one of the first establishments to make Cardio-Respiratory and Metabolic Assessments affordable and accessible and have partnered with PNOE to make this possible.  Along with PNOE, we know that seeing your biological age and life expectancy can be one of the most motivating factors to finally take control of your health.  Additionally, we know that in order to create the most powerful and effective program for you, we need individualized data to create your personalized plan.  With a personalized Health Jet Program created just for you, you will not only look and feel better, you will also see years disappear from your biological age.  


Biological Age

Ever wondered what's going on inside your body and how healthy you really are?  While there are many singularly focused tests that can help with this question, the most complete picture of human biology and health lies in the breath.  With a PNOE test, your breath is measured and your body's ability to distribute and use oxygen is analyzed.  The results give the most complete picture of overall health and your biological age is assessed through how well your heart, lungs, vascular, and mitochondrial systems are working.  Use the button below to see a sample report.


Metabolic Rate

With clinical grade metabolic-testing, you can actually determine how many calories you should be eating.  With a PNOE test, you can also analyze how effectively your cells burn fats and carbohydrates and determine the optimal macronutrient intake for your biology and fitness goal.  All too often people fail with diets because they have not opted for the approach that will work the best with their biology.  One size fits all approaches do not work when humans vary so greatly.  With the PNOE results, we will create an individualized nutrition plan just for you.  Use the button below to see a sample report.

Clinical Accuracy

PNOĒ delivers clinical accuracy in measuring metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness, and provides the gold standard in nutrition and exercise personalization.  The PNOE scans the breath for 12 biomarkers and has been independently validated to deliver the same accuracy as clinical grade analyzers used in hospitals.  Click on the button below to see a study.


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