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Empowering you to get Healthier and Fitter...Faster

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Get Ready to take your
Health to New Heights!

What is The Health Jet?

The Health Jet is a Wellness Lab that was created for those that are serious about taking their Health and Fitness to never before imagined heights.  So much better than any gym in San Francisco, The Health Jet creates personalized health and fitness plans for its' clients using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence Fitness equipment and the latest in Biohacking Protocols and Techniques.  The Health Jet has a way for you to increase your performance, reverse your biological age and get into the best shape of your life.

For All Health and Fitness Goals


Anti-Aging and Longevity

If you are feeling older, or don't want to start feeling older, we have protocols that will help you see that biological age is just a number.  At The Health Jet, we know that most aging is a result of being unhealthy.  Our programs get you incredibly healthy and allow you to set the time back on your biological clock. 


If you already work out and care about your health, but just know you have more potential with your health and performance, we know the formula to get you into uncharted territory.  We have program levels for all types of athletes and health and fitness minded people.  No matter the level you are currently at, we know how to take your highest potential.



If you have tried too many weight-loss programs to count, only to fail with every one, we know just what to do to allow you to see the amazing and lasting results you have been chasing.  At The Health Jet, we focus on you as an individual and use personal bio-metric data to develop a program that is suited for your exact weight-loss needs.



Schedule a session and consultation


With your first trip to the Health Jet, two things will be accomplished.  Number One: Your health and fitness goals will be identified.  Number Two: You experience the difference that comes with Artificial Intelligence Fitness Equipment and Biohacking.  We know as soon as you experience The Health Jet difference there is no going back to some plain old gym in San Francisco.


Metabolic and Biological Age Testing


After you've been convinced the Health Jet is the only place for you to accomplish your health and fitness goals, the next step is to have your biological age and metabolic health assessed so we can formulate personalized Health, Fitness and Nutritional Protocols.


Get Fit
Get Healthy
Get Younger


Now it's time to change your life once and for all by taking your Health and Fitness to never imagined heights in record time.  At this point, there is no turning back! 

Therapies and Technology

Listed below are some of the technologies and therapies that are used with our protocols.

Benefits include:

-Dramatic increase in fitness and health results

-Drastic reduction in time needed to see results

-Reversal of Biological Age

-Reduction in Pain, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress

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