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The Root Cause of Aging and Disease

Feeling run-down, old, and sick?  Experiencing low energy or suffering from a condition or disease?  One of the main causes of all of these things is low cellular membrane voltage.  While this might sound like a hard problem to fix and an even harder problem to understand, both the solution and explanation are easy to grasp.  Our cells all have membranes that are semi-permeable barriers.  The membranes, if functioning properly, allow for oxygen and nutrients to flow into the cells and for toxins to flow out of the cell.  All of this, however, is dependent on the cellular membrane having the proper voltage or charge.  And herein lies the problem.  The Earth's magnetic field is what normally gives our cell's the proper charge and allows the cells to be healthy and function properly.  Modern humans, however, are cutoff from the Earth's life-giving magnetism through our use of rubber soled shoes and always being on concrete and other magnetic blocking surfaces.  At The Health Jet, we use the Pure Wave PEMF mat in order to correct this deficiency and give you access to the life-giving properties of magnetism.  The Pure Wave PEMF mat uses various magnetic fields that mimics the Earth's magnetism in order to allow your cells to acquire a proper charge and thrive once again.   

Your Cells are like Batteries

Your cells are literally like batteries and hold an electrical charge that is used as energy.  When the cellular membrane has a positive charge and has the necessary energy it requires, the cell functions properly and the cell does not breakdown.  When the cell starts to lose its' charge through not being connected with the proper magnetic fields, the cell does not have enough energy to perform the processes that sustain it.  Cells are just like everything else in this world and needs energy to support and sustain itself.  When they have this energy through proper voltage, health and vitality are the result.  When cells lose energy, aging and disease are the result.  

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HEALTHY CELLS The cell wall and the cell nucleus are intact and have a healthy charge. _ T

The True Measure of Cellular Health

Cellular health can be determined by one simple perimeter: the electric cell membrane voltage.  According to the cell membrane voltage model, a cell ideally has a voltage of -100 to -70mV and this is enough energy to live and communicate with other cells. In the course of disease, this voltage is often reduced to -50mV. At -40mV pain and inflammation can start to occur.  At -15mV and below, the cell can mutate into a tumor cell.  When the cell has such a low charge, oxygen cannot get into the cell.  One very important thing to remember is that all disease is essentially the absence of oxygen.  When cells lose their charge, a low oxygen state inside the cell develops and disease is the result.  So, it's a simple concept: make sure the cells have the proper charge so that oxygen can get inside the cell and produce energy and prevent disease.  


When Red Blood Cells do not have the proper membrane voltage they start to clump together and also lose their ability to absorb oxygen and other nutrients.  Thus, when Red Blood Cells don't have enough energy, they lose their ability to perform their main role of oxygen and nutrient transportation.  As a result, the entire body will not have access to enough oxygen and other nutrients.  If cells in all parts of the body do not have enough oxygen and nutrients, system wide breakdown is the result.  When Red Blood Cells are subjected to the Magnetic Fields in the Pure Wave PEMF mat they are able to take on their proper positive charge and start to push away from each other and absorb more oxygen and nutrients as a result.  With Pure Wave PEMF therapy, the benefits start in the blood and transfer over to every last system and organ in the body.  The results are truly amazing and PEMF Therapy is one of the most powerful tools used at the Health Jet. 


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